About Us

Est. George Hawa for agriculture and commerce was founded in 1986 by George Hawa. While we started as a small shop, our company is now one of the major competitors in agricultural equipments in Lebanon. With Over 9500 cubic meters of warehouse space and 200 worldwide suppliers, we offer top of the line products and unbeatable prices.

Our wide variety of products ranging from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, seeds and equipments helps eliminate questions like ‘Do you have?’ and gives us the competitive edge of having what you want. Our highly qualified departmental staff from Agricultural consultancy, Landscape, Irrigation, and Machinery Maintenance creates a friendly and helpful environment to best serve your needs.

We understand the various challenges faced across the agricultural spectrum. Over the years, we have nourished our experience and have developed a robust set of technical skills which allows to service the needs of inviduals and firms alike.

Our slogan says it all, "Don't ask us if we've got it; say you want it!". We are committed to exposing the Lebanese market to renown international brands.

Strategically positioned at the heart of the national and global agricultaral sectors, we now have a better understanding of what it would take to align the Lebanese consumer with state-of-the-art agricultural technologies available abroad. Our love for our country is a driver for us to serve our country the way we know best: by serving the Lebanese agricultural consumer!

Our Team


George Hawa



Simon Hawa

Assistant Manager


Patrick Hawa

Sales Manager


Rony Abou Faisal

Prime Agriculture Engineer


Zaki Taoum

Maintenance/Repair Lead


Assaf Frem

Warehouse Supervisor